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Business Intelligence that works. Brilliantly.

We'll make your business run quicker, better and more profitably. No faff, just that.

What we do

We work with you to turn your data into the right information, delivered to the right people at the right time.

We craft bespoke, enterprise-level business intelligence solutions.

BI should have a purpose, be understood and be joy to use. That's what we deliver. If you're not BI evangelists by the time we're done we've failed.

A Better Business Intelligence

The value of business intelligence is clear, yet BI itself gets a bad rap. When your business is on the line sloppy workmanship, over-promising consultants and outdated tools are unacceptable.

We're long-termers – a happy client is a long-term client. Our job is to be in and out in the least possible time to deliver results that will still be relevant and revolutionary 5 years down the line. We've a chip on our shoulder and we take pride in our work.

The best tools

Tools that astound our clients get used. The others don't.

Business intelligence tools have come on leaps and bounds in the past few years. We make a point of using the very best tools for the job, giving you a huge advantage over your competitors.

In the cloud

Process data quicker and get it wherever, whenever.

Unlimited processing power, cheaper storage and scalability, anywhere access (mobiles too) – cloud is changing BI. We're at the forefront. Security-wise, we use ISO-27001 (government grade security).

Simple to use

If it's not a pleasure to use it won't get used.

Just because it's functional shouldn't mean it lacks form. Users expect usable products, yet most business intelligence is stuck in the stone-age. We expect more from our products.

A 20X tool for your business

We'll do the heavy lifting, you focus on what matters to your business.

Business intelligence helps you understand who and what is performing, why events are occurring and where opportunity lies.

It should also streamline your workflow, be clear, accurate and actionable. It should empower you to work better by multiplying your efforts.

We work with the very finest

We've partnered with some of the most interesting and impressive BI organisations around to deliver the best service to our clients.

WhereScape: DataWarehouses. Right. Now

WhereScape are the brains behind some of the quickest and most feature-packed data warehouse deployment and development tools. They've worked with some big brands to deliver flexible backend systems.

Yellowfin Business Intelligence

Yellowfin are the winners of multiple awards for their slick analysis, analytics and visualisation software. Their consumer-oriented approach saw them ranked #1 in Howard Dresner’s 2012 global BI vendor study – Wisdom of Crowds.


Actian have changed the dynamics of processing and querying data. Their record-breaking analytic database Vectorwise redefines the benchmark for speed (at a fraction of the cost of legacy solutions).